Chapter – Epidemiology & Prevention Across Europe

  • Prevalence And Trends Across The World  

    Although there are several different methods and approaches to the measurement of obesity and overweight in children, all the available surveys have one particular feature: they show a substantial and rapid increase in the numbers of children affected, in most regions of the world. In more developed economies child obesity prevalence levels have doubled and in some cases trebled in the period from the late 1970s to the end [read more…]


  • Risk Factors Of Childhood Obesity: Lessons From The European IDEFICS Study  

    The prevalence of obesity in children is increasing in most regions of the world. Recent data indicate that this trend has levelled off in some developed countries like the US, Australia, and some European countries, but the level is still too high. As the causal pathway leading to obesity already starts early in life it is important to understand the causes some cases trebled in the period from the late 1970s and mechanisms leading to this disorder and [read more…]


  • Prevention Across Europe  

    Childhood obesity continues to be a major challenge for almost all countries in the European Region. The statistics are disturbing, with rising rates of overweight and obesity reported in many countries of the Region during the past few decades 1. Where trends have recently started to flatten out, it is at very high rates with a strong social gradient. The World Health Assembly recently adopted a global target for all countries to renew their efforts [read more…]


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