Véronique Nègre

Véronique Nègre

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Personal details:
2, Place St Jacques
Tel : + 33 3 81 21 90 02
Email : veronique-negre@wanadoo.fr


  • MD, Pediatrician in Nice University Hospital and in Besançon University Hospital, France
  • Director of RePPOP-FC (Network for the Prevention and Management of Pediatric Obesity in Franche-Comté) since 2004
  • In charge of a multi-disciplinary team (9 persons) for children and adolescent obesity since 10 years
  • In the area of pediatric obesity:
    • In charge of university education and training
    • Member of National Working Groups in HAS (High Authority for Health) and INPES (National Institute for Health Education)
    • Administrator functions: National coordination of RePPOPs, APOP (Association for the Prevention and Management of Pediatric Obesity)
    • Investigator for research projects :
      • French « Programme hospitalier de Recherche Clinique » on Prevention of childhood obesity during the mother’s pregnancy (ETOIG : 2008-2014)
      • CoOP : french prospective school cohort for survey on childhood obesity and overweight (over 1000 children followed since 2007)
      • « Using group body care to treat the hyperphagic/bulimic teenagers» since 2014 with the University of Psychology


Recent publications

  1. Quinart S, Mougin F, Simon-Rigaud ML, Nicolet-Guenat M, Negre V, Regnard J. Evaluation of cardiorespiratory fitness using three field tests in obese adolescents: validity, sensitivity and prediction of peak VO2. J Sci Med Sport. 2014 Sep;17(5):521-5.
  2. Quinart S, Mourot L, Negre V, Simon-Rigaud ML, Nicolet-Guenat M, Bertrand AM, Meneveau N, Mougin F. Ventilatory thresholds determined from HRV: comparison of 2 methods in obese adolescents. Int J Sports Med. 2014 Mar;35(3):203-8.
  3. Gueugnon C, Mougin F, Simon-Rigaud ML, Regnard J, Negre V, Dumoulin G. Effects of an in-patient treatment program based on regular exercise and a balanced diet on high molecular weight adiponectin, resistin levels, and insulin resistance in adolescents with severe obesity. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2012 Aug;37(4):672-9.