Margherita Caroli

Margherita Caroli

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Margherita Caroli graduated as medical doctor at the University of Naples in 1978 with the maximum, where she also got the title of specialist in paediatrics in 1981 with maximum et laude and specialist in Nutrition in 1986 with maximum et laude. In 2004 she got a PhD in Paediatric Nutrition with the publication of the thesis at University of Perugia.

She has been working at the Paediatric department in D Camberlingo Hospital since 1980 until 1998 when she was nominated Head of the Nutrition Unit at the Department of Prevention ASL Brindisi up to 31 December 2015 when she happily retired.

Dr. Caroli has been visiting doctor at the Paediatric Department of Luisiana State University in New Orleans, USA, in 1985 and 1987 working in the field of childhood obesity.

She has been the scientific coordinator of several projects at regional, national and European level in the field of promotion of health and prevention of obesity and chronic diseases mostly in children and during the last 15 years she got grant researches for her Nutrition Unit for almost 1million of euro. She is also member of numerous national committees and task forces at national and European level and expert for DG SANCO, DG RESEARCH, DG AGRI; and DG JOINT RESEARCH CENTRE. She is also frequently temporary advisor for WHO in the field of paediatric nutrition related to obesity. Dr. Caroli has been a founder member of the ECOG, then Board Member of the European Childhood Obesity Group, of the Italian Society of Obesity, of the EASO Task Force on Childhood Obesity, of the Italian Society of Paediatric Nutrition and President of the ECOG.

M Caroli has been invited speaker in more than 180 scientific meetings, conferences and workshop.

She has written numerous papers in national and international journals, and she is also a reviewer for several international scientific journals. She has collaborated to several scientific books and she edited five books in childhood obesity and nutritional education.