Saverio Cinti

Saverio Cinti

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Saverio Cinti is medical doctor and full professor of anatomy in School of Medicine at University of Ancona since 1986.

Actually he is Director of the Obesity Center at the same University. The main research interest is focused since 35 years on adipose tissues in relation to the medical problems of obesity and T2 diabetes. He published more than 250 papers (pub med) and his H index is 49 (Scopus Jan 2015). In 1999 published the book: The Adipose Organ. He published 14 chapters on obesity-related books.

The most important observations were on the physiologic reversible reprogramming of white and brown adipocytes. White-brown reprogramming opened new perspectives for future treatment of obesity and related disorders.

Most recently he discovered the white-pink reprogramming (mammary adipocytes can reversibly convert into glandular cells producing milk during pregnancy and lactation) with new perspectives in the field of breast cancer.

He also discovered the cause of chronic low-grade inflammation of obese adipose tissue describing the death of adipocytes (by pyroptosis) and consequent crown-like formations (CLS) providing one pathogenetic link between obesity and T2 diabetes.

In 2008 was awarded of Blaise Pascal Medal by the European Academy of Sciences and in 2013 was awarded of Wasserman Prize by the European Association for The Study of Obesity.